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Auxiliary videos, articles, and books for Journey Course

Week 1: Genesis to Revelation - The Common Thread

Week 1: Primary Resources

"Biblical Basis of Missions / God's Heart for the Nations"

Global Frontier Missions

"The Bible as a Missions Story"

The Traveling Team

Week 1: Additional Resources

"TaNaK / Old Testament"

Bible Project Summaries

"New Testament Overview"

Bible Project Summaries

"How to Read the Bible"

Bible Project Summaries

"God's Heart for the Nations" Paperback

Jeff Lewis

"God's Heart for the Nations" PDF

Jeff Lewis

"God's Big Picture"

Vaughan Roberts

Week 2: The Book of Acts - God's Missional Heart

Week 2: Primary Resource

"The Living God is a Missionary God"

Desiring God Foundation

Week 2: Additional Resources

"What God is Doing in the World Today"

Desiring God Foundation

"Let the Nations Be Glad!"

John Piper

Week 3: The History of Missions

Week 3: Primary Resource

"An Overview of the History of Missions"

Desiring God

Week 3: Additional Resources

"In This Generation: Looking to the Past to Reach the Present"

Todd Ahrend

"Here I Am, Send my Sister: 11 Women Who Shaped Missions"

The Traveling Team

"Christian Mission: Global History"

Edward L. Smither

Week 4: The Task Remaining

Week 4: Primary Resources

"What is a UPG?"

Global Frontier Missions

"State of the World / The Task Remaining"

Global Frontier Missions

Week 4: Additional Resources

"The Harvest is Plentiful, The Laborers Are Few"

The Traveling Team

"Rethinking UPGs"

David Platt / Desiring God Foundation

"Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation"

Jason Mandryk

Week 5: Church Planting

Week 5: Primary Resources

"The Goal of Missions and the Work of Missionaries"

Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel Coalition

"The Foolish Quest for a 'Silver Bullet' in Global Missions"

Steve Jennings, Originally published on

Week 5: Additional Resources

"A Plea for Gospel Sanity in Missions"

Aubrey Sequeira, Originally published on

"Apostolic Church Planting"

J.D. Payne

"Planting Churches Cross-Culturally"

David Hesselgrave

Week 6: World Christian Habits

Week 6: Primary Resource

"May I Help You Discern Your Calling?"

Desiring God Foundation

Week 6: Additional Resources

"6 Ways to Reach God's World"

OMF International

"Live Life on Purpose"

Claude Hickman, Todd Ahrend

"Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global"

Andy Johnson